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STEM Women Platform Demonstration

STEM Demonstration Event

15 January 23:00 - 22:59 GMT

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Organised by STEM Women

We've held a regional UK events in 2018 and 2019. This year's event will move online, and we will be targeting students from an even wider area to ensure that it is our largest ever event season!


  • Search for employers by company profiles and job listings.
  • Introduce yourself to graduate recruiters via webchat.
  • Watch skill sessions covering "How to present with confidence", "LinkedIn Masterclass" and "How to write an effective CV". 
  • Apply for live jobs on the event day!


  • Assign enquiries to the most appropriate representatives.
  • Search the CV and bio for all event participants and message suitable students.
  • Invite selected students to progress from a webchat to a voice or video call.
  • Option of running a speaker session and taking part in a panel discussion.

Access wherever you are

It doesn't matter where you're located. Just log in via your laptop or mobile and start chatting.

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No time wasted! You'll immediately see which companies offer jobs that match your profile and preferences.